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A leap towards advanced education
Daris is an integrated e-learning platform, Provides an online school that includes all the needs of teachers, students, guardians and school management; educational libraries, exams and interactive classes, contacting between parents, school management and teachers.

It also supports the Class Education, which serves the educational process at all levels and procedures, and provides all the services and benefits that help the student and teacher on the learning journey.



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Personal account

  • Communication and follow-up of tasks in all sections of the system
  • Receiving notifications and alerts for all sections of the system
  • View the summary of the achievements platform
  • Following up on rating and evaluation at the (country - city - school) level.
  • Keeping track with the daily study schedule and the school notes
  • Knowing the bank balance and available liquidity

Integrated systems

The development of Daris system will not stop at a specific point, as daris experts are constantly working on adding many features, keeping track with the latest education systems, and even today we are pleased to provide our customers with integrated systems, as follows


It is a technical way to activate and facilitate and accelerate communication between all parties to the process of educational information to be viewed Each party


It is a methodology for evaluation and periodic follow-up of the performance level of the educational elements.


Homework Scheme, Diversity of Presentation and Connection Methods, through weekly, monthly, and yearly evaluation


The system of certificates, their export, printing, and design according to multiple forms are as per the school’s choices


The questionnaire system associated with many features to measure the satisfaction rates of the school, student, teacher, supervisor, and guardian


System of class schedules, display and linking them to teacher reminder systems


The ideal solution

for students to attend and leave

A mechanism for organizing student departure from their classes through the gates of departure, all the way to a guardian (or driver) outside of school via a modern technology that relies on communicating with mobile phones, screens, smart gates, and magnetic cards


Monitor your child a class... by class

A method to inform the guardian easily and timely about the level of student performance in every class, concerning attendance, discipline, interaction, and behavior whenever he wishes throughout the school day.