Interactive classes

interactive classes

Whether it is kindergarten or high school Daris Life makes it easy to enrich their educational experiences. Students can participate fully in the classroom from anywhere in the world. They can ask questions in chat, participate in Q&A or surveys, and share / view documents and presentations - all with full HD audio and video.

the advantages of daaris live that will complement your school classes

integration with daris

smooth integration with your current systems

secure for schools

with SHA-256 Encryption no doubt-your data is secure all the time with highest level of RSA

continuous support

our updated knowledge base and our support center are 24/7 ready for any problem

Dars Live features

Simple intuitive UI

No need for manuals. It works right out of the box.

File and screen sharing

Share your screen with no lag and with crystal clear quality.

Custom meetings links

Personalize your meeting ID and URL names.

HD videoconferencing

Connect from any phone, tablet, or mobile device.

Mobile friendly

Connect from any phone, tablet, or mobile device.

Share video content

Engage your audience with content from YouTube or Vimeo.

Record your meetings

Full HD MP4 recording to the cloud with a single click.

Text chat

Fully interactive public group chat or private messages.

Whiteboard mark-up

Annotate as you present right on your screen.