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This service is designed in a modern way to give you a unique and rich experience of contacting between the system users, It emulates the common social media tools and it is superior in its relevance to education by adding unique features to the classification and management of messages


Methodology for periodic evaluation and follow-up of the level of performance of educational elements; the first is the student, in a manner that goes beyond the idea of oversight to continuous development and rapid intervention to remedy any deficiencies.


Smooth regulation of student duties; Diverse in presentation methods; Performance is linked to weekly, monthly and annual evaluations.


A means of informing a guardian of the results of his or her children by monitoring teachers' grades in certificates tailored to multiple models according to school choices; And exportable and printable.


A mechanism for work development and performance evaluation, which is an integral part of the work of a successful enterprise; To take stock of the views of other members of the committee, to study their orientation and to respond to their expectations; Questionnaires can also be designed for any segment of users, and the system provides statistics, graphs and summaries of the results of questionnaires.


Students, teachers and guardians have access to the schedules, and teachers can send notes about a specific class to students and guardians (such as bringing a particular tool or school supplies for that class).

Rewarding podium

Find out how much motivation and real interaction will happen when the student decides he wants the title Millionaire of Knowledge. A student can obtain this title by doing more and striving to obtain and then preserve knowledge


DARIS dashboard plays an important role in automating and digitizing all systems while achieving the standards of ease of use as a starting point and then building the system according to its input that school management must achieve.


The platform provides comprehensive reports of all stages of the educational process so as to give a clear overview of what is going on in the system and of student levels and interaction, supported by graphics and accurate statistics.


A means of informing parents in particular and the management of the school to monitor the behavior, attendance, discipline and level of education of students in classes, so that the guardian becomes a full-time follower of everything that happens about his children in school.


A mechanism for organizing student departure from their classes through the gates of departure, all the way to a guardian (or driver) outside of school via a modern technology that relies on communicating with mobile phones, screens, smart gates, and magnetic cards. #337AB7

Interactive classes

Allows teachers to offer distance classes (online); With students sharing and interacting using their computers and smart devices, the teacher is able to write, draw and discuss with students, and can display interactive content such as books, videos and presentation files.

Digital library

To disseminate knowledge and overcome all the difficulties faced by those who wish to benefit from information sources, we aim to raise the level of information awareness to increase scientific production.


The platform provides users with notifications of all operations in which they occur (message reception, new exam, new interactive class, new certificate and other processes).

Groups system

The groups system enables the teacher to communicate and interact with the various students at the school; Even if he doesn't study them; To involve them in scientific materials and in various activities, it is an integrated comprehensive system to connect other educational elements.


The Announcements are designed in a catchy way to give a glimpse of the school's latest news, activities, alerts, and spreadsheets, where ads can be posted to any group of users at a given date and will receive notices of the new Announcements.

SMS System

It's a system that allows school management to instantly communicate with all types of users by sending short messages to their phones, where parents can be sent messages to notify them of their children's absence and delay and all other alerts and events.

Knowledge Bank

A large and classified set of questions of multiple form and content; All school curricula are inclusive and designed in a scientific manner that takes into account learning goals and patterns, as a reference for teachers to use in their duties and tests, and enables them to share their questions with other schools in the curriculum.