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daris system includes 10 integrated systems, programmed with continuous analysis and development through a team that combines educational vision and programming capabilities.

daris systems enjoy high quality, innovative design, various tools, continuous development, and ease of use. Along with the programmatic depth of ideas, mechanisms, continuous technical support, and price rationality.

daris systems embody services implemented after a field study of the needs and requirements of international and advanced schools regarding educational systems. They contain PCs, virtual classes, interactive wall, knowledge balance, call system, and podium platform. And many advantages that achieve your interests…

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To be pioneers in this field, and to form a role model that represents the highest levels of interactive e-learning in the world.


Developing the educational system by empowering the beneficiaries to build a solid knowledge collection. And facilitate means of communication in a modern technical way between the school and the parent.



We commit to quality to fulfill our clients’ aspiration


We keep innovating to be distinguished for excellence and leadership


We work passionately and motivation drives us to improve our services


We are proud to be a part of the development of educational systems in the world