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aris platform celebrating International Women's Day 2022

On International Women's Day, a tribute and gratitude to the woman, a mother, sister, wife, daughter, teacher, and student. Our daughters, they create, invent and teach. …We are proud of them.

March 02, 2022
09:42 am
"Daaris" educational platform Participating in the events of "Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in Education" Exhibition & Conference

"Daaris" educational platform took part in the 12th Conference of "The Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education- AROQA" – Member of TAG-Foundation, entitled "Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in Education", which was held at the Hilton Jeddah Hotel from Feb. 26th – 28th, 2022; and was organized in collaboration with "Future Vision for Conferences" company. His Excellency Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, the Organization's Chairman & CEO, gave an inaugural statement outlining the methods for promoting and supporting innovation in the educational process and reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence in education. For his part, Executive Director of "The Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education- AROQA" – Member of TAG-Foundation, commended the efforts undertaken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Developing education and supporting innovation in education. The platform's pavilion featured a presentation of the platform's products and services to all parties and components of the educational process; which contribute to providing an integrated E-school that safeguards interactive education and supports both classroom and distance education (E-learning); The pavilion also included a display of automated call devices and services "Nidaa" that provide a smooth and secure organization of the student's departure process; Which attracted the attention and approval of visitors to the exhibition. Many education officials and those interested in it visited the platform's pavilion; Chief among them is Prof. Dr. Saad Barki Al-Masoudi, Director General of Education in Jeddah; a number of UNESCO education experts, the Arab Gulf Bureau of Education, and public and private schools representatives; in addition to that, Dr. Issa Al-Harbi, the Conference Coordinator, praised "Daaris" platform pavilion, emphasizing that the platform's products correspond to the conference's aspirations developing and improving the educational process. It's worth noting that the platform's employees and members also took part in the scientific sessions and workshops of the conference. They had contributions to the discussion and commentary. This prominent presence reflects the rising success that the platform is witnessing to contribute to the development of education in our precious homeland and the Arab countries; To bring him to the global horizon.

The exhibition will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Jeddah from March 9-11, 2022 It aims to strive to support Vision 2030 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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