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aris platform celebrating International Women's Day 2022

On International Women's Day, a tribute and gratitude to the woman, a mother, sister, wife, daughter, teacher, and student. Our daughters, they create, invent and teach. …We are proud of them.

March 15, 2022
08:35 am
"Daris" platform provides a presentation of the educational platforms. At the Global Exhibition for Educational Development and Support – "GEDSEXPO"

On the occasion of the participation of "Daris" E-learning platform; At the Global Exhibition for Educational Development and Support – "GEDSEXPO"; The platform Consultant and Content Supervisor "Dr. Ashraf Salem" presented a lecture at the exhibition entitled: "The Role of Electronic Platforms in Supporting and Developing Education – Daris platform (A Role Model)." The lecture included a definition of e-learning techniques, its benefits, and advantages as the latest methods for the sustainability of the educational system ceaselessly. Then, the lecture shifted to define e-learning platforms as the technical mediator for this type of education; the importance of e-learning platforms; that played a role in providing learners with the information skills required for self-learning, developing innovation thinking and making the learner more in control of the educational process and time management. The lecturer then reviewed some international and Arab e-learning platforms, then he concluded the lecture by presenting "Daris" platform as an applicable model that illustrates the mission and services of the educational platforms. As it implements state-of-the-art e-learning techniques; to be able to provide such enormous and overlapping amount of educational and administrative services in an integrated, rapid, and advanced manner, to provide an integrated interactive e-school, as well as to introducing "Nidaa" system, which is an advanced technique for organizing smooth and safe attendance and departure of students. It should be noted that the lecture was well received and attended. The management of "GEDSEXPO" honored the lecturer, Dr. Ashraf, "Daris" platform's consultant; with an honorary shield and a certificate of honor submitted by Dr. Iman Khankan and Dr. Talal Salman.

For three days, the Global Educational Development and Support – "GEDSEXPO" was held at Jeddah Hilton Hotel with the participation of a number of educational institutions and companies specialized i
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